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"Its a piece of me, but it is not me, It might be, but you'll never know unless my artwork wants it to be"

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I'd love to be the person you've wanted me to be
that happy go lucky, wild eyed dreamer that I was
But the thing is, it was in the past. Yes, that phase had passed
I am that bittered face, sleepy eyed,fatigued man before you

because you took for granted that I will never change
because I took for granted my own innocence
Because you underestimate what the world could do to me
and because I overestimate what I'll do to the world if it hurt me

so here I am, a dark reflection of my own self
the person, I didn't want to be but have to
Born out of my will and of survival
who set aside all those funny things and called it trivial

All I can say is see you in the mourning
yes not in the morning or tomorrow morning
in the mourning of what was lost
but also what was found to replace it
Well travelled
Writer's note: something different, dark and uneasy

             It was I
         I remember it, I
        who saw through you
     Drowning in that gutless lie
Chained in its weight and unable to fly
 so I put a fire on through your soul
    with every effort took its toll
      and I become close to empty
        but I trudge with folly
          even when faltering
            I keep looking
               I look

Writer's Note: Entry for diamante poem contest for group:


They say that inspiration is enough
To push you, to pull you at the very top
But I beg to differ for something better
A man also need real bread and butter

For the paper thin bill is a heavy load
and most of us is in survival mode
Once can wearily feel working slow
Unable to give out, unable to glow

And while the hunger pangs and anxiety creeps
How can one aim so high or dig so deep?
Nothing else could give form to what is physical
hence the need for help, even if this is minimal

For one can't give such great vision even with greater inspiration
without nourishment for the body, nothing will come to fruition
Is it not the expression of the body and the soul the main goal?
then is it not just to give aid on both as one, and as a whole
Just Nourishment
Writer's note: I see so many struggling and somewhat starving artists. So many great arts lost because bills need to get paid and something else is more "practical" I wonder when this world will see such beauty, with enough appreciation to support it


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Artist | Student | Literature
The thing is, I want the world to know my work, I just don't want them to know who I am. I feel that on its purest essence, what I do, however heart felt it is, should stand alone. I know how it is related to me, to my heart, to my soul and to my own world, but I feel that if the viewer, would know me, I feel that it would hinder from the true sight, the raw emotion, the innocent concept that my work would mean. It would also be personal on its own if its linked to me rather on its own. But as of always, its up to the viewer.

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The net, screw it. Another poem of mine was lost because of my own stupidity and of course the internet connection... Yeah Screw it and everything right now.
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